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Warooga Room

Dharug for Big Child

In the Warooga room we value each child’s interests and abilities. We use this knowledge as well as individual goals from educators and families as a basis for our curriculum. The Warooga room is often thought of as the ‘preschool room’, as this is the time that we really hone in those all important school readiness skills. Skills that the children have been working on since birth. These include social and emotional skills, self-regulation, language skills, motor development, executive functioning, planning and sequencing. We do all this through PLAY!


A play based curriculum as research suggests, recognises that children do better in formal schooling when they have been allowed to learn through play during those first 7 years. Play allows children to build an understanding of the world around them, develop curiosity, problem solving skills and master physical skills, with opportunities to engage in safe risk taking. We believe children are competent and capable, so balance child led learning with intentional teaching moments. Overall, play is a simple joy that should be a cherished part of childhood.


Our routine is flexible allowing children to have a say in their environment. We use an indoor/outdoor program when appropriate and spend time in the other rooms and yards when needed to enhance our educational program.


Bush Kinder is an important part of the Warooga experience with children spending an extended amount of time in our Bush Kinder space and engaging in longer bush walks, during winter months. This allows the children to really immerse themselves in the space, getting to know the local environment and create a sense of belonging

Warooga Room: Programs
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