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Muddi Room

Dharug for Younger Child

Our program is interest based, which means our activities are based on individual and group interests within the room, as well as at home. We greatly encourage your input on our program! This could come from your weekend adventures or what your children have been learning about or had fun doing. We will use this information to get to know your child and extend on their interests or developing skills. Promoting children's emerging sense of agency is something that is very important in the Muddi room, as we aim to develop children’s abilities to choose what to engage with, with whom and for how long. We ensure that our curriculum, which includes the educational program, routines and transitions are flexible and at a pace to allow a sense of security and belonging for each child.  This encourages children to be independent and assists in developing resilience, problem solving and decision making skills. In order to best support your child and form connections, we divide the Muddi group into two between 10am and 11.30am – during this time your child will have the opportunity to engage in the outdoor and indoor environments in a small, teacher facilitated setting. This grouping allows for older children to engage in activities that stimulate and extend on their growth and development, while providing the younger children the opportunity to develop confidence, security and a sense of belonging to the Muddi room. Small group times also offer the opportunity for scaffolding the learning for individual children.

In terms 2 and 3 we join our Bush Kinder Program; an opportunity for the children to spend a few hours a week exploring the natural world, connecting with country and developing links to the land in which they live.

Muddi Room: Programs
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