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Bush Kinder

Connecting to Country

Bembul Gamarada (Earth Friend)
“Imagine a place where the carpet changes everyday, the ceiling is a myriad of different colours, light, shadow and movement. The feelings and movement completely surround you, sometimes breezy, sometimes cold, others warm. Unexpected wonders fly by, sometimes full of colour and sometimes full of noise and movement. If we really want children to thrive we need to let their connection to nature nurture them” – Claire Warden.
We recognise that a deep connection with the natural environment is fundamental for holistic child development. Educators view the environment as the third teacher and the Bush Kinder site as an extension of Euroka’s learning environment. Pippas Pass at Blaxland in the Blue Mountains is a unique ecologically endangered environment, shale - sandstone transition forest (SSTF), that is rich with opportunities for children and educators to co-construct learning.
Bush kinder is a space where children can explore, using loose parts, natural elements, weather, seasonal changes and exposes us to an Indigenous history of life alongside native flora and fauna that dates back over 60,000 years. It is a place of co-discovery, inquiry, problem solving and risk taking, where children engage their imaginations and enhance their physical, social, spiritual and cognitive development. Educators act as stewards of place, conscious of the interactions and impact on it over time. Hands on, real world learning in our local community hightens children’s respect and appreciation for our natural world as they develop knowledge about sustainable practices essential as they become active global citizens.
Bush kinder is a time to connect with nature, and enrich the soul. It will allow each participant to feel a sense of safety, belonging and inspiration. Bush Kinder will promote joy, wonderment and freedom, a place of calm, discovery and learning that is carefree, organic, flexible, relaxed, fun and meaningful.

Bush Kinder: Service
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