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Boori Room

Dharug for Baby

Our program is interest based, which means our activities are based on individual and group interests within the room, as well as at home. We encourage your input which could be sharing about your weekend adventures, what your child is learning and what skills they are currently developing - we use this information to get to know your child and extend on their interests. We allow children time to build relationships and secure attachments with the educators. We follow your child's home routine and take our queues from the children in order to meet their individual needs and preferences. We liase closely with you to ensure that we accommodate your child's changing needs. Creating a consistent routine for this young age group, assists the children to gain a sense of security and belonging.
As children are building their language skills, verbal requests may not always be completely clear, so you may notice staff using key word sign. This ensures we are inclusive to all children and support their abilities to communicate effectively.

Boori Room: Programs
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